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Coco Before Chanel

By Elma B.

This movie is about Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel before she became a fashion household name. The movie begins by detailing Gabrielle as an orphan and essentially a seamstress and a singer. For sake of not spoiling the movie for you, I will that Gabrielle (by then nicknamed Coco) enters the fashion world as a hat designer and essentially builds her own luxury fashion brand. Part of the movie takes place in a beautiful chateau in the French countryside; the movie is a must see for fashionistas!  

The movie was well received internationally and was essentially nominated, among others, for six César Awards and for the Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Audrey Tautou (we all remember her from Amélie) plays Coco. She does an incredible job by moving us with her hardships, her sorrow, her happiness and her ultimate business success. For details of this incredible movie, please see the photos below. 

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