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Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

Elma B.

Now that spring has officially arrived, I am more than excited to shed the winter layers and show you my fresh spring looks. In this post, I wanted to share with you some of the latest Spring 2015 fashion trends and provide you with some style tips for this season.

Spring 2015: What's Trending in Fashion

1. Crop tops: Yes, '90s crop tops are still the hype for the Spring/Summer 2015 seasons. I suggest wearing a high waisted bottom when wearing a crop top to make the look less revealing. Below, you can see I opted for a white sheer long skirt to balance out the pieces.

2. '70s hippie. The '70s are stronger than ever this season. You will see the '70s ensembles showcased all over high street shops with any luxury brands. You can see here how I channeled my '70s hippie while recently vacationing on the Caribbean.

3. Minimalism. To reflect the economy, minimalism has completely taken over the fashion world. Authentic/vintage and clean looks are all the hype. Out with anything that looks over the top and stick with the basics. Here are style tips on how to pull off the French chic minimalist look. 

4. White framed sunnies. These are my personal favorites because they complement well a colorful spring wardrobe, and are especially complementary with sun-kissed skin. 

5. White cottons. Recently, I have noticed that my skin does not take well to any synthetic (made made) material. I either break out or my skin becomes irritated and itchy to the polyester. Hence, I would always recommend sticking with natural materials (cotton, linen or silk). Likewise, a timeless classic, with which you can never go wrong, are white cotton pieces for the spring and summer. They are easy to pair and look clean and feel refreshing. 

There you have it fashionistas, these are some of the top Spring 2015 fashion trends and my own style tips for this season. What is your favorite trend this season? Leave me a comment below, I love hearing from you! Until next time, xoxo from New York! (Outfit details: top and skirt from Zara, sandals from Tod's; tiny vintage purse by Giorgio Armani; and white sunnies by Prada.)


Brooke said...

Love The crop top! A great outfit for spring! I would also add that retro looks and minimalism are always timeless and classic, no matter the season.

Rosie said...

Beautiful look!

Unknown said...

Love the skirt so much


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