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The Best Philosophy: Live and Let Live

By Elma B.

Last week I had the opportunity to get away from the city and visit the rolling countryside in the Midwest. I was in a much needed getaway to clear my mind and inhale that fresh perspective on my everyday life. One of the nuggets of wisdom I came across was the proverb "live and let live." It signified for me to let go of judgment, drown out the noise from others and confidently follow my own path. 

It was never my place to pass judgment but rather to enjoy life's pleasures and opportunities. Whatever path you chose, I suggest just that you listen to your inner voice and drown out the noise that surrounds you. In another words, focus on yourself, and do not spend your energy on passing judgment. Be tolerant. Recognize that each person has wisdom of their own to share.
In the process of following your own path, do not forget to take those much needed getaway vacations to clear your head and inhale some fresh air. Until next time, stay radiant and beautiful, xo from New York!


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