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How to Dress Like a Hipster

By Seema Kukadia

Hipster Diaries

As a young fashionista experiencing the different influences across the world, I believe my personal style niche falls within the hipster domain. Beginning my journey as a blogger on Tumblr, I admired the artsy laid back hipster ambiance. The style genre has been influenced heavily by music festivals such as Coachella, music videos by Gwen Stefani and style icons Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens were great inspiration into creating the ultimate chic hipster look. I will now share with you the secret looks which will help you to dress like a hipster and attain the fountain of youth...


Style Guide

Essential ingredients for a chic hipster:

1. A pair of leather leggings
2. 5-10 choker necklaces
3. 3 pairs of different boot heels
4. 5 beanie hats of different colours
5. Baggy sweatshirts & t-shirts w/ printed logos and quotes
6. 1 Leather hipster backpack

L-R: (Top: Brandy Melville, Leggings: Zara, Backpack: Primark, Boots: H&M , Sweatshirt: DKNY, Hat: Forever21, Jumper: Mystique Boutique)

I had a habit of waking up and being indecisive over what to wear each day. The battle between comfort and stylish was a struggle it was inevitable I could never find the right balance. I slowly started to follow a bunch of hipster girl fashion bloggers and celebrities that were adopting these fashion trends such as: Kavita, Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens

From gathering how the fashion trend setters wear the hipster style, I created my own alternative version where comfort meets stylish. I have now officially found the right balance for my own fashion closet. My day-to-day wardrobe consists mainly of: leather leggings, jumpers, beanies and jewellery. I can forever mix and match different colours and styles as I know sometimes when you purchase products it’s more of a “one time” use as it goes with nothing else. Here are some pros to my hipster fashion essentials:

A) Beanies are great for when you have a bad hair day

B) Leather leggings are an ongoing trend and can be played down or dressed up. Here is our complete guide on how to wear leather leggings.

C) Jumpers (prints, quotes and logos) are great now that it’s hitting winter; you can remain stylish and warm (Jackpot!)


I heavily rely on hipster jewellery to enhance a trendy fashion look; as my attire consists mainly of the black colour spectrum (with an occasional splash of colour). I invest in choker necklaces as I believe they are such simple statement pieces that can be adapted to any style to create a hipster vibe. You can experiment with different choker necklaces by purchasing different types of fabrics such as leather, string or metal – this gives a “gypsy hipster” style to any look. You can even personalise your chokers with 90’s amulets: ying yang and hamsa hand symbols are quite popular. My personal favourite accessories are hand pieces, as I am Indian I like to incorporate a bit of culture into my every day wear.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post for Club Fashionistas and have gained some inspiration into creating your own hipster fashion looks.

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NYC Style Inspiration: Brooklyn Artists

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