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How to Wear a Turban

By Amra B. 

Turbans have been my obsession since I was a child; my grandmother use to wear one, and always looked so elegant and beautiful with her turbans. Later, I developed my own appreciation as I started collecting head wraps. I finally found this vintage black turban in a NYC store and fell in love; it is black and goes well with almost everything. The shape is very flattering and fits nicely on every face shape.

Here are some tips on how to wear a turban: 

1. Size matters: almost all turbans are made of stretchy material, but they don’t equally fit well.  Turban that is too small will feel awkward and may fall off. The right one wont feel tight around your head and will be large enough so that you may adjust it properly around your face. 

2. Headpiece or a turban: If you can’t find a turban you like, you may achieve a similar effect with headpieces. Headpieces have become very popular recently and you may find them in many low cost retailers in a variety of colors; I would recommend searching in Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and Zara.  

Headpieces can look similar to turbans 

3. Add some jewelry: for an extra glam effect, add a vintage brooch/pin in the middle of your turban. They will completely transform your look in an instant. 

Turbans with jewelry 

4. Have fun: Turbans go equally well with denim as they do with dresses. I like to wear mine with dresses and bold prints (as I did in the photos below). However, they look equally well with a simple white tee and jeans. 

Turbans - outfit inspiration 

Wishing you an amazing day! 

Outfit: Zara dress and necklace, Burberry belt, Jimmy Choo shoes, D&G watch, vintage turban 

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