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How to Wear Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

By Catherine Santino

You may think that blue eye makeup is a thing of the past, but this season’s looks has proven that to be completely false. Chanel’s 2014 Resort Collection was all about a bold, graphic winged eye paired with bright blue shadow. I think it’s a gorgeous and completely unique look, but it’s not totally wearable. However, I think it’s a great source to draw inspiration for your summer makeup looks. Incorporating bold blue tones into your eye makeup is a great way to add a fresh, bold, summery feel to your look. Here is my turquoise and blue eye-makeup tutorial:

Chanel 2014 Resort Collection--Turquoise Eye 
Here, I have created my take on the Chanel look. I have recreated the makeup, but have just taken it down several notches. 


My Turquoise Eye Tutorial:

I used a gel eyeliner to create a winged eye, and a small, flat brush to apply a turquoise eye shadow underneath the eye. Beauty tip: pair with a nude lip, and it creates a Chanel-inspired makeup look for summer that is much more wearable.

Blue Eye Makeup Beauty Tips:

There are also many other ways to create looks inspired by Chanel’s Resort Collection. Here are my suggestions on how to get that gorgeous deep-blue effect:

1. Don’t just stick to turquoise- try out all different shades of blue for your eye makeup. 

2. Use a blue eyeliner. Simply using a blue eyeliner on addition to your black eyeliner (or in place of it) is a great way to add a new and different element to your regular routine.

3. Make sure to blend. Even using a blue eye shadow all over your eyelid can be a gorgeous pop of color for summer. Just make sure to take your time blending it in so that there are no harsh lines.

4. Use an eye-shadow primer. Always use an eye shadow primer to help your makeup last all day. I highly recommend the Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion! 

Blue Eye Make Up Looks
Don’t be afraid to be a little bit daring with your eye makeup this summer. And don’t think that you have to go overboard to change up your look; a pop of color here and there makes a bold statement and sets you apart. Until next time, stay tuned for more of my beauty tutorials. Xoxo.

Chanel 2014 Resort Collection Blue Eye Makeup


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