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How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Spring/Summer

By Alexandra Strick 

Spring has finally arrived! And for anyone who is living in New York right now, you know how miserable and never-ending this winter has been. In honor of this exciting movement into warm weather, coats will become light sweaters, and boots will transform into sandal wedges. With our wardrobe changing with the season, it is equally as fun to change up our interior decorating styles! 

This spring is all about orchid (the color, not the plant), and fashionable women all across the United States are coming up with creative ways to bring this color to life in their homes.

The color, to be exact, is  Pantone 18-3224, or Radiant Orchid, and it is a sensuous mix of purple pink and lavender. You can easily find ways to incorporate the color into your current home through the addition of small, yet noticeable statement pieces like a fun lamp or some new picture frames. Also, the best thing about Orchid is that it pairs so well with other fun springtime colors like lavender, dark purple, and mint green. 

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your pairings, as this season is all about using as much color as possible. Depending on how you style it, you can use Orchid to help you achieve a wide range of decorating schemes. If you’re feeling bold and daring then perhaps it is time you unleash your inner creative design urges and change up the wall color in a room whether with paint or using wallpaper. In addition, wallpaper can bring about some much needed fun to easily neglected places like the back of bookcases, the inside of a closet, or in between shelves in a kitchen. For the more daring, decorating your ceiling with wall paper can really liven up a bland home.

The other major trends this summer are romantic pastels, watercolor florals, chunky knits, and metallics. Each of these trends can be easily worked into ones home in the form of curtains, throw pillows, blankets, ottomans, decorative bowls, or art work. 

However, while it may seem daunting to attempt to change up ones style, the most beautifully decorated homes are the ones that are created with the personal vision of the home owner, and best reflect the personality of that person. The most important decorating rule is to have fun!

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