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Timeless Fashion Trend: Crochet

By Elma B.

Whether wearing dresses, skirts or tops, crochet pieces remain timeless. You can be romantic, boho, or just effortlessly chic in crochet. Crochet is light and comfortable especially during warm spring and summer days. It is up to you how to combine it with the rest of your ensemble, i.e., how you accessorize and what color combinations you choose. Personally, I like neutral crochet pieces, mainly black, white and beige, which you can combine with almost any outfit. 

Here are a five styling tips on how you can wear crochet pieces:

1. Wrap. Wear a crochet wrap over whenever you are waring something tight, e.g., a dress, skirt or a top, to loosen-up your look and make it look more natural and effortless.

Me Wearing a Crochet Wrap

2. Crochet bottoms for everyday.

3. Crochet dresses for a romantic feel. For more, check out this talented Brazilian designer who makes hand-made crochet dresses here

Katia Portes Wearing Her Own Design 

Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin in Crochet

Crochet Today

4. Crochet cover over your bikini. 

5. Crochet bikini. (Personally, I would not suggest wearing a crochet bikini because it is not elastic at all so it does not dry very well after dipping into the water. 

Vintage Crochet Swimsuits 
There you have it fashionistas, crochet pieces--perfect to fire-up your look this spring and summer. What are your favorite ways to wear crochet? Until next time, signing-off from New York City, xoxo. 

p.s. My outfit dissected: crochet wrap from H&M; purse from Salvatore Ferragamo; sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana; pleather pants and shoes from Zara. 

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