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Gentlemen's Guide: 6 Tips to Turn Women On

By Elma B.

I was sitting by a window in a cafe, it was drizzling rain on a Sunday, when I observed an elderly gentleman with a cain walking around the car to open the passenger's door for his sweetheart, his wife. (I noticed both had wedding bands on their hands.) Both were dressed-up; he had a tie and a blazer, and she had on a beautiful-silk-emerald dress. 

Vintage Romance...
Immediately, I thought of my generation, the Y generation.  Where had we gone wrong? Did some mothers forget to teach their sons chivalry? Or was it that we grew-up watching hip-hop and rap videos that referred to women as bit*hes and ho*s? In fact, today, it is much more likely to see a door slammed in a woman's face than see a man from the Y generation hold it open. 

And to expect him to be dressed-up when he goes on a date with you? Phat chance! A wardrobe consisting of a wrinkled t-shirt and jeans for a man from the Y generation sounds just about right. 

I know enough of the criticism, what is a man to do? Well, here are 6 pointers for the men in the Y generation...

Gentlemen's Guide: How NOT to Turn a Woman Off 

(1) Iron your clothes when taking a girl out on a date. Do not show-up like a doofus; look like you put some thought into your wardrobe. It says: I am not a slob. 

(2) Do not use profanity, whether on a date or in front of other women you fancy when out with your male buddies. If you see a woman you like, the surest way to turn her off and have her running for her life is to start cussing loudly. It is not funny or attractive when men are vulgar. Be observant and pay attention to the girl instead of being too busy making a fool of yourself by telling obscene stories to your male buddies about your hook-up the other night.

(3) Be a man. Take the lead by steering the conversation, opening the door, or not hesitating to pay for dinner/drink; in another words, take care of her. We want to feel safe with you, and not feel like we are out with another woman.

(4) Attitude. Attitude. Most women are attracted to attitude, i.e. your ability to take control and be confident. Like Sophia Loren said: "Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got." In another words, even if you are feeling nervous, act confident and like you are in control. There is nothing less attractive than an insecure man. Nervous?Just think poker face. 

Chuck Bass's Attitude 
(5) Hygiene. Even the least attractive guy can make himself more appealing if he and his clothes smell fresh. Oily hair, bad breath, and dirty clothes will have the girl running away from faster than you can count 1, 2, 3. 

(6) Pay attention to her. Listen: You will better understand her and her needs. Observe and be calm. Engage by asking her questions. Let her speak. Do not show your nervousness by blabbering on and on: keep in mind, poker face. We are here to chat, flirt, and get to know you. 

Finally, a bit of humor...
Until next time, Club Fashionista signing off..xoxo.

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Unknown said...

Thanks, Elma. You'd think that most of these would just be basic knowledge but many men have been operating without positive role models for many years. Often, crass behavior is glorified in pop culture, whether films, TV or music. I hold that for women of quality, men of quality will stand out. It's why I have started to work to Bring Chivalry Back.


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