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Airport Style: A Fabulous Affair

By Elma B.

Traveling: a Fabulous Affair

Traveling used to be a fabulous affair in the 1960s: people would dress-up and the flight attendants were pretty young women. I like to keep the '60s tradition and fly at à la mode. We flew from Miami to Chicago. My outfit inspiration: l950s.

My Outfit Dissected

I opted for a little black dress, which is A shaped and inspired from the 1950s. With a little black dress, it is imperative to accessorize and add a tad bit of color. Orange is perfect to add an ultrachic touch. I used Makeup Forever's Rouge Artist Intense 40 (orange lipstick). I added my favorite Alexander McQueen scarf, Jimmy Choo wedge heels, and Louis Vuitton speedy. I wore the classic Versace spotted brown sunglasses. For full details, see my outfit below. Until next time, stay fabulous fashionistas! 
My Makeup Choices 

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