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What Makes Taj Mahal SO Unique?

By Elma B.

Inspiration for Building Taj Mahal 

Built by an Indian emperor (Shah Jahan) in memory of his third wife (Mumtaz Mahal) and as her final resting place, the Taj Mahal has never ceased to bedazzle the public all over the world. She died from the birth of their 14th child! 

Its Spectacular Design and Architecture...

Made of large white marble structure, the tomb is the central focus of Taj Mahal. Four minarets frame the tomb and the marble dome that surrounds the tomb is the most spectacular feature of Faj Mahal; its height is about 35 meters (115 feet). The top is decorated with a lotus design. The actual grave of the empress Mumtaz Mahal and the emperor Shah Jahan are at a lower level. 

The Taj Mahal is made of white marble inlaid with semiprecious stones! It was made during the Mughal Empire's greatest prosperity. It is located in Agra, Uttar Paradesh, India, which is not far from New Delhi (about 3 hours by train). 

The Taj Mahal stands out amongst other palaces across the world because it consists of a mix of architectural styles from the Persian, Ottoman and Indian empires. The palace took over 21 years to complete (from 1632 to 1653). The Taj Mahal is surrounded by gardens and other buildings. 

Below, you will find some of the most beautiful photos of Taj Mahal and traditional Indian culture. Rest your eyes on its beauty, and I would highly recommend you see it soon in person! 

Rainbow and Colors in front of Taj Mahal

Traditional Indian Accessories 
Delicious Indian Food 

Indian Elephants 
Indian Spices
Riding a Train Through India 

Map of India 

Traditional Indian Henna 

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