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STYLING TIPS: How to Elongate Your Figure in 5 Steps

By Elma B.

I was standing in the metro with a good friend, Christina, when we saw a gorgeous girl: shiny long hair, slender with an olive complexion. Instead of complementing the beauty, Christina immediately fired "she should not be wearing those shorts!" Even though this girl was slender, her shorts were too tight around her waist and made her love handles, which were very tiny, stand out.

The problem girls is that many of us slip up on styling ourselves; it's not about your figure and your actual looks per say, it is how you style yourself. Since most of us are not terribly tall or rail thin, here are 5 STYLING TIPS on HOW TO ELONGATE YOUR FIGURE:

1. FITTED CLOTHES. Make sure your clothes are fitted, i.e. not too small, so that any skin or fat that should not be sticking out is not! For example, see the photo below of how Rachel McAdams, who is not rail thin or tall (only 5'4; around 162 cm) is styled on the set of Midnight in Paris. I will use her as often as an example because her height is around the average in the U.S., and her weight is not below her body mass index. The simple cotton long sleeved t-shirt is fitted just enough to reveal her curves but not too much to make anything unwanted stick out. 

Loosely Fitted Shirt on Rachel McAdams
on the Set of Midnight in Paris
2. LOOSELY FITTED PIECES. Alternatively, to stay classy and picture perfect, wear an article of clothing that is loose and flows gently around your curves. For instance, Rachel McAdams wore a loose and long white like tunic on the set of Midnight in Paris

3. DEFINE YOUR WAIST. Define your waits to make your body shape appear more like hour glass. For example, wear a belt rapped around your waist or wear pencil skirt that is high on your waist and right below your breasts. Tip: taking your photo from the side will make you appear a lot more slim and will elongate your figure. 

High-Waisted Skirt on Rachel McAdams 
Wear a High Top Skirt to Elongate Your Figure 
Rachel McAdams in a High Waisted Black Skirt 
4. ELONGATE YOUR NECKLINE. Wear v-necks or bustier tops to emphasize the neckline. 

Rachel McAdams in a Deep V Neck Dress 
Wear a Bustier Top to Elongate Your Figure
Dakota Fanning in a Deep V Neck Dress
Rachel McAdams in a Bustier Gown
that Emphasizes her Neckline
5. NO HORIZONTAL STRIPES/PATTERNS. Do not wear horizontal stripes or patterns for pants or dresses. Also, if you really wish to elongate your figure, wear looser fitting pants or maxi skirts with nude heels.

Me in Loosely Fitted Orange Pants 
Wear Vertical Striped Pants to Elongate Your Figure 
Wear Looser Pants to Elongate Your Figure 
Wearing a vertical stripe
will make you look more slender and taller
I hope you enjoyed my styling tips on elongating your figure; these are simply some tips and tricks that professionals use in Hollywood and the fashion industry; the styling tips are fairly simple, so why not apply them to yourself? Until next time...xoxo.

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