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What to Wear to the Office in the Summer?

By Elma B.

Summer brings us joy for many reasons: the sunshine, the warm weather, vacation and brighter and lighter clothes. With that said, many women stumble on what to wear to the office or meetings in the summer. The gray, black and brown colors just do not do it for the summer ladies! Also, remember when distinguishes summer versus winter wardrobe is the thickness of materials, i.e. it will be very risque to pull of a winter piece (e.g., a thick tweed blazer) with your summer wardrobe.... 

The main question: how to look professional, stylish/not outdated, and not boring? 

Here are some tips on your wardrobe choices:

1. Colored Pants (or colored jeans on Fridays). 

Me Wearing Bright Orange Pants 
Green Pants by Ralph Lauren
Loose Colorful Pants (great for the office) 

Floral Patterned Pants (pair them with a unicolor blouse)
2. White Silk Blouse (or other bold colors)

Pair a Statement Piece Necklace With a White Silk Blouse
3. Floral Sundresses 

Floral Sundress Paired with a White Blazer 

Floral Sundress Perfect for the Office
4. Ballet Flats/Wedges (if open toed, pedicure is a must!) 
Salvatore Ferragamo 

Tory Burch Nude Wedges 

Deep Purple Ballet Flats
5. Blazer or a light a cardigan (to keep warm from the cool A/C)
Dark Orange Blazer
6. Maxi Dress (pair it with a silk blouse)

Office Look: Maxi Skirt 

Maxi Skirt with a White Blouse
Maxi Dress (just wear a black blazer for an office look)
7. Pencil skirts (white or black are two great summer basics)

Polka Dot Pencil Skirt
Yellow Pencil Skirt 

Dolce & Gabbana Pencil Skirt 
I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to stay stylish in the office this summer! Here is my summer office look...until next time...

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