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What is a Hipster?

By Elma B.

What is a Hipster?

Hipsta Please!  

Hipsters in the Past...

Hipster refers to a young teen (in the 1990s), who is opposed to mainstream fashion, and who searches for purpose, inner worth and the meaning of everything. 

Hipsters Today...

Recently, the the era of hipsters have resurfaced in very urban settings, where there are independent art galleries, move houses, bands, and people. Now the age group of hipsters varies from teens to their 30s.  

Hipster Fashion...

Hipsters are early adopters of trends before an item becomes mainstream, e.g. with music and fashion. 

8 Ways to Recognize a Hipster:

1. Shopping: at vintage stores (new things do not define you);

2. Tops: ironic tops, plaid shirts, and anything in checkers and vintage florals;

Hipster Style: Cara Delevigne 
3. Skinny Jeans: worn by both males and females;

Hipster Style for Men
4. Glasses: e.g., shuttershades, oversized plastic framed glasses, nerd glasses and authentic Ray Ban Wayfarers. 

5. Vintage dresses: preferably vintage floral or lace (note, many love to sew and restyle vintage clothing to custom size);

6. Accessories: vintage jewelry, flower headbands, bird necklaces, and patterned leggings;

Hipster Jewelry 
7. Shoes: wear cowboy boots, converse, and a range of flats; 
Hipster Shoes by Louboutin 
(occasionally, Hipsters buy Louboutin...)
8. Mismatch and layer; and

Hipster Hair and Shoes 

9. Hair: keep your hair casual (the "bed look" and a messy hairdo is acceptable; colorful hairdos are a recent hipster trend).

Hipster Hair
Hipster Hair: Fishtail Braid 
Hipster Hair 

Here are some other hipster "essential" pieces...Enjoy! Until next time...XOXO!

Doc Martens 
Hipster Style for Men
Ray Ban Sunglasses 
Doc Martens  
Hipster Style For Men 

Hipster Socks 
Johnny Depp: Hipster Glasses  
Hipster Sunglasses 
Hipster Style: Total Look

Hipster Style: Jared Leto

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