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Nutella Ideas

By Amra B.

Most of my posts are all about healthy meals, fitness, and taking care of one’s body. BUT sometimes I feel like I will explode in an instant if I don’t have a bite of something sweet. My preference almost always is chocolate, well specifically, NUTELLA! How to add Nutella to make your dessert extra special? I will give you 7 suggestions! 

I grew up eating Nutella! I had it for breakfast and/or between meals. If you had asked me, I would have only eaten Nutella: breakfast, lunch, dinner and all meals in between! Now that I am grown up, I still eat Nutella but I try to combine it with healthy foods as much as possible!

Fashionistas (and my fellow Nutella lovers), here are some ideas on how to enjoy Nutella in your every day life: 

1. Nutella and Fruit

2. Nutella and Fat Free Yogurt

3. Nutella on a Whole Weat Bread with Bananas

4. Nutella Apple Sandwich

5. Nutella and Fat Free Greek Yogurt

6. Nutella with Coffee

7. Nutella with Fat Free Milk (Hot Chocolate)

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