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By Elma B.

Last summer, we decided to vacation in Hvar, which is a fairly small island, in Croatia, located right across the port city of Split. I had not been to Hvar since 2007 and was expecting more or less the same ambiance in the Summer of 2012. Much to my surprise, the island had transformed! I say this because there was an abundance of young people from all over the world, e.g. Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries. Moreover, new hotels had been opened and new going out bars were in full swing. We were quite pleased as people from all walks of life were coming to vacation to Hvar. 

The temperature in Hvar in the summer is quite warm and the nights are a bit cooler because of the Adriatic breeze. Therefore, dress lightly! Here, I am wearing a sheer white cotton top with a cotton purple skirt, a Chanel handbag, and black and sandy platforms. As for my make-up, I decided to wear very light pink lipstick, dark-purple eyeshadow with light silver shimmer. My jewelry is simple: pearl earrings and a long necklace with a black dangle (see the photos below for details). 

At Hotel Riva in Hvar, Croatia

At Carpe Diem in Hvar, Croatia

At Pizza KOGO at the main square in Hvar, Croatia

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