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Mustique Island

By Elma B.

Mustique is a small private island owned by the Mustique Company that is owned by the island's home owners.  Mustique was purchased by Colin Tennant (3rd Baron of Glenconner) in 1959 and so began the development of the island. Colin Tennant gifted a plot of 10-acre land as a wedding present in 1960 to Princess Margaret, the sister of Queen Elizabeth II. The island's famous guests have included Prince William and Kate Middleton, Amy Winehouse, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Bryan Adams and Felix Dennis. 

 The island is part of a group of islands called the Grenadines and most of the Grenadines are part of St. Vincent in the West Indies (please see the map below for details). Mustique is quite small as the island covers only 1,400 acres. Its year-round population is around 500 people. There are approximately 100 private villas on the island. Many of the villas are rented via the Mustique Company.  Also, there is one hotel, Cotton House, which is owned by the Mustique Company; and another hotel four-bedroom hotel, Firefly, which is owned by Stan and Liz Clayton. 

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