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Nerd Love

By Amra B. 

This post is dedicated to sexy and smart men! Yes, on an occasion, you will actually meet some delightfully interesting people, who will completely leave you thinking, smiling, happy, and speechless. As a sequel to my previous post about Bar Rafaelli's GoDaddy Ad, nerdy is the new SEXY because great conversations, strolls around the city, and laughing is romantic. The new orgasm does not only occur in bed; apparently you can have it while engaging in a conversation, which is also called the “intellectual orgasm.” 

Why is it that great conversations lead well...great everything? It all starts with our ability to be understood and understand others. Smart men are sexy because nerds introduce us to new knowledge about the world, e.g., new experience, philosophy, fun, etc. Nerds are the new CHIC and they are here to stay!

Below are some sexy nerds for your "intellectual" pleasure! ;)


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Anonymous said...

Lol...Just because they wear hipster glasses doesn't mean they're nerds!


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