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How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep in 4 Easy Steps

By Amra B.

My best and most powerful beauty secret is sleep! I know that many of us (including me) have neglected sleep and lead a very busy schedule. We prefer to go out and stay up late on the weekends, and we will work or study during the week. There seems to be less and less time left over for sleep (or a nap). 

Scientific studies show that there is a direct connection with lack of sleep and decline in health. They also point out that people who are sleep deprived suffer loss of beauty: their skin looks older as their wrinkles and dark circles become more pronounced [1].  

My experience has also shown that my skin glows and my dark circles seem to diminish if I go to sleep before 11.00 pm. It seems to work better than any face cream I have tried so far! Also, my energy level and my mood change when I receive a good nights sleep. Fashionistas, here is my advice for waking up beautiful on almost any given morning: 

1. Make sure you spend as much time as you can over the weekend getting some fresh air and exercise. Exercise not only improves my muscle tone but also helps me sleep better. 

2. Take a hot shower before you go to bed. A doctor once told me that a hot shower in the evening helps calm our nerves considerably and makes us fall asleep faster

3.  Drink lots of liquid during the day and opt for an herbal tea in the evening. If you are having trouble falling asleep early on Sunday, I suggest making hot herbal tea (chamomile, peppermint, fruit) or a warm milk with lavender honey

4. Finally, add a relaxing book to your evening literature. My choice is any type of romantic poetry or literature that makes me think happy thoughts

Wishing you an amazing evening! XOXO

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sonia ahlali said...

This is so true, people who work by night get old faster and are always tired and easily frustrated...


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