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Pajamas for Women

By Elma B.

I wanted to do a post on nightwear that is warm, beautiful and chic. I believe you can feel amazing in  cute, sexy and glamorous in comfortable pajamas and robes.  Take a look fashionistas! Next time you want to make yourself a cup of warm tea or hot cocoa and feel glamorous right before bedtime, maybe you will pick a silkily robe, satin slippers and cute PJs. 

Quería hacer un post de ropa para estar en casa que fuese cálida, bonita y elegante. Creo que te  puedes sentir increíblemente sexy con pijamas y batas cómodos.Echar un vistazo a las siguentes fotos,la próxima vez prepara una taza de té caliente o chocolate caliente y siéntete  glamorosa antes de la hora de dormir, tal vez deberías elegir un camsión y sleepers de seda, pijamas con tejidos y diseños exclusivos.

50s glamour slik pajamas and robe


Sandra Wilson said...

This is a great treasury with brilliant items to replace those
Pajamas & Sleepwear for Glamours Girls. Thank you to sharing this with for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Sandra, we are really glad you liked this post! Thank you for your feedback. :)


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