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James Dean Style

By Elma B.

Growing up, I had always heard of James Dean and the classical movies in which he starred, e.g. Rebel Without Cause, East of Eden and Giant. This summer, as I was on my way to Croatia, one of the movie options was Rebel Without a Cause. I finally decided to watch the full movie (in the past, I had only seen brief clips of the movie). 

Immediately, James Dean mesmerized me. His style in the movie was effortless: a leather red jacket, white t-shirt and jeans. The Hollywood icon was out of this world gorgeous; his facial proportions are nearly perfect: he had amazing hair, eyes, lips, and skin complexion. To add cherry on the top, he was an amazingly talented actor. Unfortunately, he left the world too us by dying in a car accident when he was only 24 years old. For more details, please see his photos below. 

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