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Sunday in New York City

By Elma B.

Hello fashionistas,

I wanted to share with you the last bit of my stay in New York City. When I woke up on Sunday, we decided to brunch at the Standard Hotel. The scenery there is quite young, friendly and trendy. We had luck because the weather was warm (for November) and there was lots of sunshine. 

Here, I am wearing a long and colorful pink sweater belted with a thick black belt (beneath, I am wearing a gray dress). I have coupled the pink sweater with a pink Burberry scarf. I am wearing a long (light) black coat with flowers imprinted on it. My stalkings are opaque black and my boots are black (suede). For my bag, I chose the roomy Luis Vuitton speedy. For my make-up, I am wearing bold pink gloss coupled with sparkly purple eyeshadow. 

Afterwards, we visited the crème de la crème art collection and the former residence (on 5th Ave.) of the Pittsburgh industrialist Henry Frick--my favorite place in New York City. The museum was right out of the fairy tale because of spectacular paintings (e.g., its Van Gogh, Matisse, and Rembrandt paintings) and its jaw-dropping Portico and gardens. 

Before we departed, we walked around the Madison Ave. The shops, including designer power houses like Dolce & Gabana and Chanel and speciality shops like Ladurée, are stunning! 

For details, see my photos below. What do you like to do on Sundays in New York City?

 Next to the Frick Collection Gates

Drinks at the Rose Bar 
(from the previous night)

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