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Dating Pippa Middleton

By Elma B.

The world was first introduced to Pippa Middleton on the day of her sister’s (Kate Middleton) wedding to Prince William.  Most notably, her derrière in a white Alexander McQueen gown was in the spotlight.  Since her older sister’s wedding the tabloids have followed Pippa closely as she jet sets around the world (notably Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S.).  Her style has also been a major topic for gossip magazines. 

With all that said, I wanted to introduce you to Pippa’s very influential suitors who include aristocrat, heirs, and professional athletes.  Below most of the photos, I will identify her suitor and his noteworthy background.  

Marcy de Soultrait: French Aristocrat 
(in the three above photos; the infamous gun incident happened with him)

 Tom Kingston: Socialite 
(former banker and very well-to-do; Pippa was spotted with him at London's Loulou, where founder's membership costs 25,000 pounds; its regulars: Kate Moss, Princess Eugenie & Mick Jagger)

James Matthews: Investment Banker 
(in the two photos above; brother of Made in Chelsea star Spencer)

George Percy: Heir in Hong Kong's Banking Family
(son of Duke of Northumberland; his family's castle was used for Harry Potter's Hogwarts)

Andres Balazs: Hotelier 
(in the above 3 photos; here at Sunset Beach on Shelter Island; Uma Thurman's ex; 27 years her senior)

Simon Youngman: Diamond Heir
(photo taken in 2008)

 Alex Loudon: ex-Cricketer, Baronet and Banker
(above in the two photos; father: Chairman of Caledonia Investments in London, i.e. comes from a very well to do family; the home above belongs to his parents and the villa is open once a year to the public for viewing)

Alexandr Spencer-Churchill: Millionaire
(nephew of Duke of Marlborough) 

 The derrière that made Pippa famous

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