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Georgetown Style

By Elma B.

I wanted to get out today and catch a breath of fresh air on this winter's sunny Friday. I ate lunch at Georgetown's Mai Thai, where I ordered my favorite eel and spicy crunch salmon rolls. Afterwards, we walked through the beautiful yellow and orange leaves that sometimes would cover the sidewalks. 

The houses in Georgetown are quite beautiful and authentic; there is a vintage feel to this part of the city. The Kennedy's and some of the most famous American politicians (e.g. Madeline Albright and John Kerry) reside/ed here.  For details of my lunch at Georgetown, please see the photos below. 

Outfit: skirt: ASOS; stalkings: Wolford; coat: Calvin Klein; scarf: Dior; sunglasses: Moschino; cardigan: Benetton; purse: Luis Vuitton; pearl earrings: Swarovski; pearl necklace: Givenchy. 

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