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Fall Style Green

By Amra B. 

Green is my go-to-color every season; I feel that it is particularly well-suited for the fall. I enjoy everything green, including purses, dresses, shoes, and even make-up. I think this color complements well both brown and black; green is easy to incorporate into your winter palette.

Below are some of the photos on how to include green in your everyday look. 

My green Mango dress

My green Hugo Boss bag

Green Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

Green Edwardian Necklace with Green Rhinestones from Zara

Green Fitted Dress with Frill Shoulders from Zara

Green Moustache Slipper from Zara

Green Scarf from the Movie Confessions of a Shopaholic

Green Eye Shadow from Dior

1 comment:

Affordable dresses said...

I like the mango dress. I would wear it at any time of the year, just to show off the color. In winter I would probably wear leggings under it and a nice coat on top but open slightly to show the color. The accessories you've chosen go well with it too.


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