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Angela Lindvall

By Aless G. 

Angela is one of the ultimate American super-top models! She really inspires me through her daily lifestyle. She is an eco-friendly woman and educates her kids on how to take care of the environment. Angela is a style-icon, mother and has an uber-successful career.  She is not only focused on her outer appearance but she also teaches her children about the importance on reflecting on our soul and mind! 

I really love her house in Topanga; it is very Western Style! I think this house reflects her personality and lifestyle perfectly!

Lastly, I adore her style; it is stunning, right? She is a role-model today! You can follow her on Twitter and on  her  blog!

In this video, Vogue takes you behind the scenes into her home:


Anonymous said...

Fabulous <3

Valerie P. said...

Love the eco friendly life style :)


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