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Timeless Pieces: The Hermes Scarf

By Elma B.

The first time I really took notice of the silk Hermes scarves was at a villa, which used to be the Russian embassy, in Brussels. My firm was hosting its ten-year anniversary party, and upstairs there was a showcase of head manikins, which were wearing gorgeous scarves. My friend Chloe pointed out the exhibition in which each of the manikins was wearing a Hermes silk scarf in a different way, e.g. one as a headband, the other was tied around the neck, etc. Chloe said that from then on I would always recognize a Hermes silk scarf. 

Since that moment, I have been in love with the Hermes silk scarves. Their designs are beautiful and the quality superb. Public figures like Princess Grace Kelley and Jackie Kennedy Onassis have been photographed wearing them. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing the scarves. 

See our previous post on the several different ways in which you can wear a scarf. For various Hermes scarfs, please see the photos below. 

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