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Why is Nikki Beach SO Famous?

By Elma B.

A child of the infamous Nikki Beach in Miami, Nikki Beach St. Tropez (which is located actually in Ramatouelle, France) has become somewhat of a jet-set party institution. Nikki Beach in Miami is mostly known for its daytime Sunday parties, where people lounge by the pool, dine, and dance. In contrast, Nikki Beach St. Tropez is seasonal and the peak months are end of July and August.

The Symbol of Nikki Beach
The typical day at Nikki Beach St. Tropez consists of the following:

1. "Early arrival": between 11am until 1pm. Usually in the late morning and early afternoon hours, people are quietly lounging by the pool, having some cocktails and snacks. 

Launging at Nikki Beach
2. Lunch: between 1pm until 5pm. The lunch menu consists of typical American food (e.g., hamburger, fries, and chicken Caesar salad) to Asian food (e.g., sushi).  There are models walking around while you dine; they are modeling clothes from a local shop. 

Lunch Menu at Nikki Beach 
3. Daytime Party: between 5pm until around 8pm. The music becomes louder and the alcohol consumption becomes heavier.  The music at Nikki Beach is typically house music. Here are some photos of our day at Nikki Beach as experienced personally by us. Until next time...xoxo.  

Art Behind Nikki Beach 

Fruit Plate at Nikki Beach

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