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Sunny Day in London

By Amra B. 

Sometimes I want to escape everything: I want to throw away my mobile and forget about all the daily stresses. I do manage to travel and escape to other countries, but when I need to distance myself (momentarily), I go to a local park (ideally without any technology). 

Yesterday, I visited Hyde park as it is one of the closest parks to my home. It is also one of the most beautiful parks in London, and I adore going there for both long and short walks. I also made a video for Club Fashionista (hope you enjoy it) and took a few photos. 

My outfit of the day consisted of a button down shirt, a sweater, statement necklace, leather skirt, and ankle boots. From the accessories, I choose black sunnies with a golden detail and a small purse (ideally suited for walks in the park). Until next time, signing-off from London! Xoxo.  

Outfit: Sweater and skirt Zara, boots Tory Burch, sunglasses Gucci, purse Balenciaga

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Anonymous said...

juuuuuhuuuuu, great video clip! Amra, we want more videos from you! Beautiful girl in a beautiful & green park! Like it! Supeeeer :)


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