Selma Starfinger

By Amra B. 

I met this striking woman some years ago in Sarajevo and quickly learned that she is one of the most talented designers from ex-Yugoslavia. Selma’s style is simply unique because she combines rough edgy constructs with extremely feminine fabrics and does this in the most tasteful and effortless way.

One of the most unique aspects of Selma’s style is that each piece is timeless: her materials and designs have an edge because her designs and materials are not overpowered by current trends; she maintains her independence. I could see myself wearing her spectacular leather jacket today and having it be an equally important piece of my wardrobe ten years from now. Celebrities have already taken notice of this incredibly talented designer and her clothes have been seen on Rihanna, Omahyra Mota, and Coco Rocha (to name a few). 

I am super excited to present Selma’s latest collection (, as well as her other pieces from her lookbook (featured below): 

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